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Nowadays, nearly every business, whether it’s small or large, needs an antivirus solution to keep all of its private data secured from cyber-attacks. Without any antivirus solution, your company is out in the open and can easily be attacked by hackers resulting in the loss of millions of dollars overnight. Even one of your own staff member can hack your data and leak all the important information to your competitors.
To prevent all of this happening, you need an easy-to-use but powerful antivirus solution that will keep both your online and offline data protected and your servers free from all kinds of unwanted access. Being one of the leading software shops in Kenya, Pechant Telec is here to fulfil all your antivirus needs. From affordable to top-of-the-line, we’ve got something for every organization.
If you want to know more about our services or need to get free estimates on Kaspersky antivirus price in Kenya, feel free to contact us.

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Benefit You’ll Get from Our Top-Quality Antivirus Solution Kenya

Real-Time Protection

Free antivirus softwares are outdated and can’t protect your PC, laptops, mobiles, and other devices from modern cyber-attacks and viruses. Hackers are very clever! They always change their algorithms and softwares so your antivirus can’t recognize their new virus and they can easily hack your system. You need a high-quality antivirus solution that always stay up-to-date and keep your system protected from all kinds of new threats.
As we’re one of the best software shops in Kenya, we offer top-quality antivirus solutions for all kinds of businesses that can easily detect an infected file and delete it on the spot to avoid any loss of precious data.

E-mail Protection

E-mail is one of the best communication medium and at the same time easiest way to get hacked. Many popular organizations have lost their data due to one staff member opening a malicious email. Nowadays, viruses are very smart! They just need one-click to get activated and steal all your personal information within a few seconds.
Our premium quality antivirus solutions will check all your e-mails and inform you before-hand which one contains the virus so you can stay protected. They’ll also scan the attachments and give you warning so you don’t download those files.

Passwords Protection

We know that it’s hard to remember your passwords to each website so you store them inside your browser to auto-fill the boxes whenever you login into a specific website. But at the same time, you’re putting your sensitive information at high risk! Anyone who has access to your company’s WIFI or network can easily hack your device and get all the passwords, it usually takes around 10-15 seconds for someone to do that.
Our top-of-the-line antivirus solutions Kenya offer advanced security features that will block all kinds of phishing and fraudulent websites so no one can get inside your device and steal your passwords.

Easy-to-Use and Highly Manageable

Unlike those cheap home antivirus softwares, our high-quality business antivirus solutions offer much more convenience and ease-of-use. You can easily access the security of your devices from one simple dashboard. It doesn’t matter how many employees you have or how large your business is, you only need one administrator that can control all the connected devices remotely and effectively.
You don’t even need to hire an IT specialist to control our antivirus software as anyone with a basic understanding of computers can manage it due to its simple interface.

Many More Advance Features

Being one of the top software shops in Kenya, our premium quality antivirus solutions are being used in many popular software companies in Kenya. We don’t increase our profits by buying cheap antivirus softwares from fresh companies, we only use softwares that are made by the best programmers in Kenya. We offer many more than just basic features, such as;
1. Adblocker
2. Firewall
3. File shredder
4. VPN service
5. And much more…
We try to give our customers a one-time antivirus solution so they don’t have waste their time on switching to another one.

Affordable and Powerful Antivirus Solutions in Kenya

Let Us Help You Take Your Company’s Security to The Next Level

As we’re providing award-winning products to our consumers, we guarantee that all of your data will be secured from unwanted threats and you’ll never feel the need to get any other antivirus solution. We also provide a warranty to ensure our quality work and to give you peace of mind. Pechant Telec is an authorized dealer of Kaspersky antivirus products (One of the best in the world) in Kenya and we offer various antivirus solutions depending on the size of your company.
So, if you want to know more about our services or just need to ask the Kaspersky antivirus price in Kenya, feel free to fill the contact form and we’ll reply you as soon as we can.

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