Everything you need to know about wifi installation in your home

Everything you need to know about wifi installation in your home

Global connectivity is a necessity for any business that wants to expand it client base, with the prices of internet connectivity dropping by the day, it’s now possible and cheaper to have full time internet access at your work place for less but as we all know we have a habit of extending our working hours at home, maybe to pursue a few leads,handle customer service and enquiries or even just research to improve our businesses. Unfortunately most homes especially in Africa have no internet connection other than via mobile phones.

       So how do you ensure your work doesn’t stop the moment you get into your house or your family doesn’t miss out on all the amazing shows on Netflix due to internet inavailability? The answer is simple, you install a home wireless network or in other words you install wifi in your house. Home wifi installation has a lot of benefits especially in a country like Kenya where there are numerous wifi installation services companies and many wireless internet service providers.

      The cost of setting up wifi in your home has also reduced tremendously with time and with as little as Ksh 10,000 – Ksh 15,000 you can have your home fully connected with a wireless network that can power more than power more than 8 devices simultaneously. According to a recent survey most  households in the world have up to 4 devices per house that require an internet connection, that means you can have your whole family able to use your home wifi network at the same time.

How do you get wifi installed in your house?

The entire process is actually rather simple, all you have to is contact a wifi network installation provider who will conduct a visit to your home, listen to your requirements, advice you and give you a quote of how much it will cost to have the wireless network installed.

Pechant Telec has conducted dozens of wifi installation services in homes all over Nairobi and other locations across Kenya. We always ensure you get a reliable wireless network at your home while also picking a dependable internet service provider who fits your budget. You can always contact our customer service representatives who can guide you through the whole process and give you a cost estimate in minutes.

How much does a home wifi installation cost?

For most homes the cost of wifi installation is quite low and can range from as little as Ksh 10,000, there is however a couple of factors to consider while determining how much it will cost to install a wifi network in your home, some of this factors include

1. The size of your house (in case you need wifi installed on all rooms).
2. Number of devices that require to be connected at the same time.
3. Bandwidth speed and the type of ISP internet connection e.g. (Fiber optic, VSAT, Nano stations etc.)
4. Availability of an internet service provider.

In most cases of homes located in or near large cities like Nairobi, the installation cost is relatively low since the infrastructure that enable a seamless internet connectivity in your home is already in place and the equipment required locally available.

        As you can tell already the internet pretty much powers everything we do in our workplaces and in our homes, with the advent of smart devices like smart TV’s, internet connected refrigerators and other appliances in our homes we can only expect internet in our homes to be added to the list of basic needs.


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