CCTV Prices in Kenya: How Much Does it Cost to Buy and Install CCTV?

CCTV Prices in Kenya

CCTV Prices in Kenya: How Much Does it Cost to Buy and Install CCTV?

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) has become a must-have for everyone due to the rapid increase in the crime rate. Many people, including businesspeople, homeowners, and companies, rush to the market to purchase the best CCTV equipment based on their budget. CCTV Prices in Kenya vary depending on several factors.

Surveillance cameras are displayed outside a home security shop.

Different types of CCTV cameras in a shop. Photo Courtesy

The cost of security cameras depends on the size of the area to monitor, the number of cameras needed, the type of equipment used, and video quality. This article breaks down the different types of CCTV cameras and their prices to help you plan effectively.

Types of CCTV cameras and their prices

There are different types of surveillance cameras. You can install them in several places, including businesses, homes, and public areas. Here are the most popular types of CCTV cameras you will quickly come across.

Dome CCTV Cameras

A dome CCTV Camera. Photo Courtesy

This type of CCTV is where the camera sits in a dome-shaped casing, making it difficult for people to see the direction the camera is pointing. It also offers a 360-degree rotation of the camera to cover all angles. The 360-degree CCTV camera price is quite affordable compared to other types.

Average Price: Ksh 2,500 – Ksh 6,000

Bullet CCTV Cameras

An image of a Bullet CCTV camera. Photo Courtesy

Buttlet CCTV cameras are cylindrical and can observe long distances. They are often covered with water-resistant casings to protect them from water, dust, or dirt. The cameras are most common on roads and streets.

Average Price: Ksh 2,000 – Ksh 7,000

C-Mount CCTV Cameras

A C-Mount CCTV camera in a house. Photo courtesy

The C-Mount CCTV cameras are similar to Bullet CCTV and have detachable lenses. You can switch them around to monitor different areas and varying distances. The cameras also have weatherproof casing and are prevalent in the construction industry and on roads.

Average Price: Ksh 2,000 – Ksh 7,000

PTZ Pan Tilt & Zoom Cameras

A Pan Tilt & Zoom CCTV camera. Photo Courtesy

The PTZ (Pan Tilt & Zoom) camera has a lens that can pan left and right, tilt up and down or zoom in and out. It is more significant on sites or premises with blind spots. The cameras are also conducive for security guards monitoring a live video feed.

Average Price: Ksh 2,500 – Ksh 15,000

Day/Night CCTV Cameras

A Day/Night Color surveillance camera. Photo Courtesy

The camera can operate flawlessly in any light conditions. It has extra-sensitive imaging chips for video clarity during sunshine or at night. The cameras are protected with casings to prevent them from being damaged.

Average Price: Ksh 2,500 – Ksh 8,000

Infrared/Night Vision CCTV Cameras


An infrared night vision CCTV camera. Photo Courtesy

Infrared models are more expensive than day/night cameras. The CCTV type can record high-quality videos in pitch-black conditions using infrared technology. They are ideal in businesses that are at increased risk of break-ins overnight.

Average Price: Ksh 3,000 – Ksh 14,000

Network/ IP CCTV Cameras

A Security camera using network/IP. Photo Courtesy

The Network/IP cameras use the internet, allowing you to access live footage from anywhere easily. It stores footage on network video recorders (NVRs) or secure software. The CCTV is easy to install and has less maintenance than the others.

Average Price: Ksh 3,000 – Ksh 6,000

Wireless CCTV Cameras

A wireless CCTV camera using the internet to transmit data. Photo Courtesy

Wireless security cameras send feed using Wi-Fi or other wireless networks to a receiver connecting to your viewing and recording device. They are easier to install and flexible. Wireless camera CCTV price is lower than wired systems. The cameras are ideal for home surveillance.

Average Price: Ksh 1,500 – Ksh 5,000

CCTV installation cost for home and business surveillance


A technician installs a CCTV camera. Photo Courtesy

CCTV installation requires experts with knowledge of electrical wiring and practical experience with different types of equipment. The cost of installing a CCTV system in Kenya depends on several factors, including the quality of the camera and the number of cameras to install. The higher the resolution and pixels per square inch (PPI), the more expensive it will be. Installing many cameras and adding more storage also has additional cost implications.




Some retailers or shops only charge for the equipment without including installation fees in their overall price. Others offer a discount on installation once you buy from their shop. CCTV installation cost ranges between Ksh5,000 to Ksh25,000. It could be higher or lower depending on where you purchase.

How to choose the right CCTV camera

Before looking at the price, you need to decide on the type of CCTV connectivity that will suit your needs. Also, consider several factors like the area to be covered, the lighting, and accessibility of the cameras. Other important considerations are the availability of power supply and weather conditions.

Where to buy CCTV cameras

You can visit locally established shops dealing with electronics to inquire more about their CCTV camera prices and brands. Alternatively, there are online stores that do deliveries once you order the type of surveillance cameras you need. Do due diligence on the retailers you are consulting to avoid getting scammed.

In conclusion, CCTV home camera prices are relatively cheaper than installing in companies or along the roads. However, it still depends on other factors like the type of camera and the number needed. When choosing the best surveillance camera system to buy, it is crucial to consider the lens, sensor, and output resolution. Pechant Telec Ltd provides free consultation on the best CCTV Camera depending on the location and purpose.

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