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Data centers are the heart of every small to large scale organization that utilizes an IT infrastructure. They contain all the important and private data of the organization and also host business applications. Whether you have couple of small servers or thousands of them, it’s crucial to monitor them 24/7 to avoid any downtime and loss of your vital information.
With over 23 years of experience and a team of best programmers in Kenya, Pechant Telec has provided the best data center monitoring software to countless software companies in Kenya with which they are able to manage and monitor various aspects of their data center’s performance, all from a single dashboard. By using our top-notch data center monitoring software, you can easily maintain your data center and improve its overall performance.
With its data center temperature monitoring feature, you’ll know the real-time humidity levels, temperature, and much more to avoid your expensive servers getting burned. It’ll save a lot of your company’s resources as you won’t need to hire many data monitoring specialist, you alone can also monitor you data center without any complications.
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How Will Our Data Center Monitoring Software Help

Manage All in One Single Platform

By using our data center monitoring software, you’ll be able to monitor and manage all your data centers in one place. No need to install various softwares to monitor your data centers anymore when you can get all the valuable insights and alerts at a unified console. Our solution can be tailored to a data center of any size, from ten to ten thousand racks.

Data Center Environment Monitoring

The data center temperature monitoring tool present in our softwares shows you the temperature, humidity, airflows, and much more so you can improve the environment of your data centers when needed. It also gives you emergency alerts if it detects any kind of leakage, smoke, or flooding in the server room. This feature is a must for every software companies in Nairobi, Kenya because it can save your severs from over-heating and compromising your important data.

Router and Switch Monitoring

One of the most crucial parts to maintain the overall performance of your data center is to make sure that all devices related to network connectivity are performing well. The top priority devices are network routers and switches, our data center monitoring software lets you monitor the health and performance of these devices in real-time.
Get alerts and notifications on your smartphone whenever any one of these devices faces an issue so you can immediately get them up and running.

Visualize Storage

The most important part of servers is to store the data of your organization, you don’t want to lose that on all costs that’s why it’s highly recommended to maintain the health of these servers. By using the best data center monitoring software in your organization, you’ll be able to keep yourself updated and manage the storage device health, operability, performance, and much more.
Get real-time view of your IT infrastructure and identify wasted storage to decrease the costs.

Video Surveillance

Keep your data centers secure and well protected with the Video Surveillance systems. Install IP cameras in your data centers and monitor your servers from anywhere at any time. You can also record and use the footage in case of security incidents.

Get Detailed Reports

Our top-of-the-line data center monitoring software gives you real-time reports that not only help you to understand the performance of your data center but also improve it as well. You can easily understand the data as it is divided into different categories and shown visually instead of just numbers. Apart from managing and monitoring your data centers, you can also get weekly reports on your e-mail which contains all the information in detail.

Improve Uptime and Reduce Risks

Get Long-Term Benefits Using Our Best Data Center Monitoring Software

Don’t waste your time on purchasing cheap data center monitoring solutions that lack in various aspects and always fail to provide guaranteed results. Pechant Telec has over 23 years of experience in data center monitoring and is providing its leading data center monitoring software to all kinds of commercial and industrial sectors. We give you all the advanced features and tools you need manage and monitor your data center in an intuitive, elegant GUI.
Contact us now to reduce the complexity of data center monitoring and maintain your uptime so that you can effectively utilize capacity, and increase the productivity of your teams. If you want more information regarding our data center monitoring solutions then feel free to call us and our experts will answer all your queries.

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