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Communication has been one of the most important skills for the human being ever since its existence and it is what sets us apart from lower tier animals. Our ways of communication have been steadily improving over time. And they still are. Here is our line up of VoIP Business Phone Systems.

What are VoIP Communication Systems in the first Place?

We combine regular telephone communication with the internet to bring a better and wider service to you. With VoIP Communication Systems you get the convenience of a traditional phone whilst having the upgraded possibility to use the internet for your everyday communication services. This grants you greater coverage, not just in Kenya but also across the borders, globally. Therefore, there is no limit to your reach anymore, so you can expand to wherever you want, without any issues of communication. For PABX prices in Kenya, reach out Pechant Telec today. 

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Why Use VoIP Systems in your Business

Portability and Convenience

As a VoIP number/address is not dependent on a certain location, you can use the same number no matter your movement or position. This might be highly valuable for you, if you or your staff has to travel a lot, getting rid of the need to change numbers and interfaces on a regular basis.
For all the telecommunication companies in kenya, if your staff has the possibility of working from home (home office), giving them a VoIP number will not cause any issues if they are forced to, or want to move to another place

Growing your Business to a new peak

Being the leading IP PBX Kenya, our experts have setup VoIP systems for various IT companies in Kenya that have helped them scale their businesses exponentially. Especially when you have been in business for a long time by now and are considering getting your own customer support service with a company owned call center, VoIP Phone Systems are the way to go.
As you get to make calls from a computer, you can open up multiple tabs on your system, to provide the best potential consultation for each customer. That is further strengthened by the shared overview your call center staff will be able to access to share tasks and multitask effectively and so that they complement each other perfectly

Increased Flexibility

The high quality software, developed specifically for VoIP communication systems, called Softphones opens up multiple advantages at once, which might not seem as magnificent at first, but over time your appreciation for them will increase.
The reasons to choose a softphone app instead of a true telephone include the increase of desk space (as there is no need for a large telephone stand and number pad), the continuous connection of the workforce and the lack of additional equipment and hardware costs. That makes softphones interesting for both large and smaller companies, as you can fit more sections/workforce in your office and can focus on more profitable investments than telephone technology

Keeping track made easy Accessibility

VoIP in a professional setting sets you up for all of the advantages VoIP has in comparison to normal telephone communication, including lower costs per call, more crisp voice quality and transmission, higher accessibility through geographical and local freedom and many more.
All of these advantages will be easy to monitor and access from your personal computer. If you connect that to our ERP software providing service, you have a maximized potential overview over your customers, their needs and location. You can also manage preferences, call history, and voice mails to improve workflow and maximize your customer support.

IP PBX Kenya

Why VoIP Phone Systems are great for businesses of any size

No matter the circumstances, no business functions properly without excellent communication. You can invest all you want in the best equipment for whatever niche you’re in, but nothing makes up for the lack of communication. That is why you need VoIP Phone System integration by a professional team of experts like us at Pechant Telec.

Having a certain web service to admit roles and positions to all of your staff the way that it increases your workflow, this way you can easily decide who you want to talk to and see if they are available at that time. Also, conferences between team members become easier and quicker, as their connection strengthens. This way you are prepared for every issue that might come up, as all of your staff can easily go back to access the data they need to do their jobs to the fullest extend as the overview you get with VoIP is unmatched.

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Communication made Easy

Telecommunication costs can get very high which is why VoIP can be a great help. Additionally, your overview and access to each other’s data and knowledge. So, if you want to know more about the PABX prices in Kenya then feel free to contact us.

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