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When it comes to IT, every business face unique challenges every now and then! You have to keep your IT infrastructure up-to-date in order to get competitive edge and improve your productivity levels. You can’t just hire a single person and depend on him/her to answer all your IT questions whenever you face an issue.
With over 23 years of experience and a team of fully licensed IT consultants, Pechant Telec has provided its high-quality IT consulting and services to countless IT companies in Westlands, Nairobi. Our professionals are highly knowledgeable and well-equipped to advice you on any of your concerns or requirements. They provide you the most cost-effective solutions that suit perfectly with your business goals.
Don’t waste anymore of your precious time worrying about these complex problems, let our consultants soothe your IT headache. They are well trained to explain all kinds of tricky concepts in plain language, and also propose solutions that suit both your budget and needs perfectly. In simple words, we listen to all of our client’s issues carefully then provide expert support and guidance from start to finish.

Premium Quality IT Consulting and Services

Transformative IT Consultancy Services


With advancement in technology, cyber-attacks are also increasing every day. In order to protect your company’s sensitive data and breach in your network, having an expert cyber security consultant by your side is very crucial.
Our professionals will provide you cost-effective solutions so that you can keep your IT security up-to-date and avoid any third-party from gaining access to your network.

Network Services

Nowadays, computer networks are the most crucial part of any organization. You don’t want any kind of fault in your networks as that will result in a huge loss of both time and money. Being the leading ICT Consultants Kenya, we can work on your office computer network and provide 24/7 monitoring and support.

Cloud Services

Migrating to Cloud can bring so many advantages to your organization but only if you choose the right cloud platform that suit both your budget and needs perfectly. As we’re an expert in cloud computing and have provided our IT consulting and services to many IT companies in Westlands, Nairobi, our professionals will help you with the setup and provide ongoing cloud support.

Disaster Recovery and Backup

Ever deleted a huge amount of data by mistake and failed to recover it? You don’t have to worry about that anymore! Our consultants will help you determine the perfect backup solution that will not only recover all your lost data but also protect your company’s reputation.

IT Relocation

Whether you want to upgrade your office or move to a better location, Pechant Telec will help you with the moving process to avoid any kind of disruption. We’ll create an IT relocation plan so that you can easily transfer all your servers and other hardware without any complications.

General IT Consultancy

Apart from all the above scenarios, if you face any issue with your VoIP system, DSL, or any other IT related system then just give us a call and our experts will help you and guide you from start to finish

We’ll Help Your IT Projects Run Smoothly

Let Our Consultants Soothe Your IT Headache

A strong IT network is the most vital part of any organization’s success but to keep it up-to-date with the latest technology and bring new solutions can be very difficult if you don’t have an expert IT consulting company. Our team of experts provides fast and efficient IT consulting and services to minimize your downtime and keep your computer networks running smoothly.
We always go the extra mile and are ready to work outside our normal business hours so that we can keep your daily operations running without any kind of interruption. We have worked with all kinds of commercial and industrial sectors and are experienced in providing top-quality business IT support. Pechant Telec is committed to building long-lasting relationships and create new opportunities to improve your business efficiency and reduce costs.


We don’t just limit our IT consulting

We take a long-term interest in the IT health of the companies we serve, mapping out cost-effective strategies for future growth where necessary. We have no limits to our services to customer support. No matter what your business is and how complex are your requirements, we work to understand your business objectives and develop IT systems that help you achieve your goals.

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So, if you own a business and are not happy with the current state of your IT infrastructure then get in touch with the expert from one of the top ICT consultants Kenya today. They will guide you about the advantages you’ll receive from getting our high-quality IT consulting services and will answer all your queries.

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