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IT errors can cause you a lot of trouble resulting in the wastage of both time and money. Especially, if you’ve a large scale network consisting of multiple devices across multiple locations, things can get out of your hands pretty quickly. We know very well not a single company wants to face downtime as it can ruin the user experience and decrease your sales a lot.

With over 23 years of experience in technology, Pechant Telec is offering its premium quality IT managed services to countless telecommunication companies in Kenya. Our professionals are well experienced and equipped with all the required skills needed to manage and monitor your IT system. They are available 24/7 for your IT support so you can finally focus on the tasks that are actually important to your organization. From cyber security to backup data recovery, we’ve got you covered in all kinds of situation.
Don’t be held back by inefficiency and downtime any longer with our outstanding IT managed services. Our experts will continuously monitor your network infrastructure so they can identify the problems beforehand and help you become more efficient and secure, all while reducing unnecessary expenses.
So, if you want to achieve your business goals then let experts at Pechant Telec create a cost-effective strategy that will align perfectly with your needs and remove the headache of the day to day management of your IT system.

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Discover How You Can Boost Your IT with Our Managed Support Services

Remote Monitoring

Our professionals will monitor your IT system 24/7 so you don’t face any downtime and avoid any kind of hardware problems. We’ll make sure that you deliver the operational performance that your business needs without any complications. It’ll not only give you a competitive edge but also a peace of mind that your IT network is being monitored by experts all the time.

Cyber Security

As IT companies in Nairobi are facing more and more cyber-attacks every single day, it’s crucial to keep an expert IT company by your side all the time! We’ll not only keep your web security up-to-date but also train your employees so they can stay safe from dangerous viruses and phishing attacks while browsing the internet.

Increase Your Productivity

Don’t waste anymore of your time in solving complex IT problems! Let our professionals handle all your IT systems so you can boost your productivity and focus on improving your organization. We’ll ensure that your IT infrastructure runs smoothly and you don’t face any problems.

24/7 Live Support

Our experts are available at any part of the day to solve your issues and help your business reach its strategic goals. Whether you or any of your employees need help, we’re here to provide onsite support and assistance with hardware and software issues. To receive instant help 24/7 and take the IT burden out of your hands, contact Pechant Telec today.

Reduce IT Costs

Instead of hiring many professionals to manage your IT systems, managed IT service providers cost much less and don’t require any kind of employee monitoring. Our team of experts will provide you continuous support and only charge an affordable fee at the end of each month. By working with us, you’ll be able to get better control over IT costs and spend more on things that actually matter for the company’s growth.

Backup and Recovery

Keeping the data secured is one the most important thing for every organization, anything can be replaced but not the data! From to large scale companies, everyone has data warehouses and storages in which they keep their data so they can access it anytime they want. Experts at Pechant Telec will optimize your data centers and monitor them 24/7 to avoid any loss of data.
If anything bad happens, our IT professionals will also help you in recovering your data so you don’t have to face any kind of data loss.

Cost Effective and Fully Secure IT Managed Services

Take Back Control of IT With Pechant Telec’s Managed Services

Stable IT systems are they to every company’s growth! Our fully licensed and trained professionals will keep your organization’s heart beating so you don’t face any downtime and keep your customers engaged. Most of our clients are the businesses that have switched to Pechant Telec from an existing provider because their previous one couldn’t handle the workload and failed to provide onsite support whenever they needed it.

Why Choose US

Pechant Telec is one of the top providers of IT solutions Kenya as we never fail to provide outstanding results and help you achieve your targets. From 24/7 IT customer support to hardware maintenance, we offer a wide range of managed services that will you keep you protected from all kinds of cyber-attacks and also help your business reach its strategic goals.
So, if you’re looking for a new managed IT service provider to remove the headache of the day to day management of your IT system then contact experts at Pechant Telec today. Our team is ready and waiting to understand your challenges, feel free to call or send us an email to get in touch.

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