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Nowadays, the most crucial part of any organization is the data and owners are spending thousands of dollars to keep it as much secured as they can. According to a recent study, more than 65% companies all across the globe reported a cyber-attack during 2020. IT security is more important than ever because with the advancement in technology, hackers are creating more dangers malicious softwares which can breach and steal your whole company’s data within seconds. Being one of the top Information security companies in Kenya, Pechant Telec has a team of specialists that are providing fast and effective cyber security services to all kinds of small to large scale businesses. We’ll protect your company against the most advanced cyber threats and also train your staff to avoid being the victim of a dangerous phishing attack.
So, if you want to reduce the chances of anyone gaining unauthorized access to your company’s private information then get in touch with one of our experts today. They’ll answer all your queries and provide you the information you need to get started with the top provider of cyber security in Kenya.

One of the Leading Information Security Companies in Kenya

Top-Notch Security Services to Protect Your Organization

Identify the Weak Points

Pechant Telec is your top solution when it comes to cyber security in Kenya, we’ve a team of experts that are highly talented and can protect your company from all kinds of cyber-attacks. We not only apply security solutions but also analyze your whole system and identify the weak points. We then update your defenses and actively monitor the flow of information, checking on bandwidth usage and preventing unauthorized users.

Protect From New and Emerging Threats

Experts at Pechant Telec will keep your sensitive data protected from hackers and detect all modern threats before time to avoid any kind of loss. We keep our knowledge up-to-date and also keep your security systems high so no third party can gain access to your data.
Whether your brand is small or have multiple franchises all across the globe, Pechant Telec will keep you and your employee’s personal information safe and provide you a secure environment so you can surf the internet without any risk.

Improves Productivity

Viruses not just steal your data but also make your system slow, this is the reason why your computer slows down after a few months. Our experts will fix your systems and remove all the viruses that are slowing your system down. We guarantee that you’ll see a huge boost in the speed of your computer after our experts are done.
This will not only improve the overall productivity of your staff but also save a lot of your time that was being wasted due to slow computers.

Protect Your Website from Going Down

If you own an organization then chances are that you also have a website. If someone hacks your network or any kind of virus enters in your system then there is a very real chance that your website might be forced to shut down. As a business owner, you don’t want your website to go down at any cost as it will affect your business badly and you’ll be losing a lot of money from missed transactions. Once a website goes down, customers also begin to lose trust and find alternatives.
As Pechant Telec is the best software solutions specialist, we’ll keep your website protected from all modern cyber-attacks and third party access. We’ll monitor it 24/7 to make sure that it never goes down.

Train Your Employees

Hackers need only one single mistake to gain access to your data centers! If any one of your employees makes that mistake then it can cause a huge loss to your company. Experts at Pechant Telec will train your whole staff members so they can stay protected from all kinds of viruses and phishing attacks.
Being one of the leading Information security companies in Kenya, we’ll train your staff in the simplest way possible and make sure that everyone stays protected.

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Let Us Keep Your Business Safe Against the Latest Threats

We know very well how important is your company’s information to you, we’re here to lessen both the threat and the worry. Every business has different requirements this is why we use layered security operations, threat intelligence and security measures tailored to your business so we can prevent any third party from getting access to your data.
Contact experts at Pechant Telec today, we can take the burden of cyber security out of your hands so you focus on things that actually matters and take your business to the next level. We have all the required technology, people, and intelligence that are needed to actively hunt down dangerous threats before they make any kind of impact to your company’s network.

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