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Networks – Easy and Secure with Routing and Switching Services:

Managing web traffic gets more important with time as the amount of software, devices and applications that require a strong and secure connection to the internet. If you are getting overwhelmed with the different services, hardware, and software available on the market then contact us as we’re one of the leading Cisco distributors in Kenya. Our services include everything from and in between the list below:
– Cable Management & Structure
– LAN Splitting and Switching Solutions
– Routing Services
– Wireless Solutions

WIFI Routers Kenya

Routing and Switching Solutions

Network Infrastructure Development

Nowadays it is crucial to a businesses’ success that they implement a well performing and quick connection and interaction between all the connected devices. No matter their type of connection, wireless, directly plugged into the router, or bridged using a switch, we will set up an infrastructure that is sure to create a baseline for intra network communication between devices and software.
To know more about the switch prices in Kenya, feel free to contact us on the number given below.

Growth-Adjusting Network

Many networking companies in Nairobi might not need an enterprise-level of networking at the beginning but they are still better off being prepared for a potential upgrade that will lower the overall cost and save a lot of devastation. Your hardware needs to be able to grow at the same pace as your knowledge, skills, and requirements. But even if you have been active in your niche for a long time and have an established presence, upgrading your network connections will greatly improve speeds and connection uptime.
Being one of the leading Cisco Partners in Kenya, we will set up an easy-to-adjust routing and switching network to accompany your businesses’ growth and take every step of the way with you.

Implementing Redundant Networks

To us, nothing is more important, than the protection against all eventualities that might ruin your network. That is why experts at Pechant Telec implement “network redundancy”. It might not be a term you use every day as it is considered advanced technological infrastructure, but it will be something you regret not adding.
Redundant Networking is used to prevent all of your data from collapsing at once. If one of your storage devices does fail, this tech transfers the tasks from one device to another, maximizing uptime and preventing data loss. Redundant Networking has been the reason for the major success and trust within major players in the industry, making this the first step towards guaranteeing customer service and satisfaction.

Providing Security

Due to Routing and Switching being a wired but also wireless network, you get the convenience of free movement from wireless connection whilst keeping the security of wired systems. Therefore, you can have wired data transfer for the most private data but also the alternative of end-to-end encrypted file transfer via your wireless network. Both of these are considered highly secure and efficient as the base idea of both of them is to shut out any virus that might try to decrypt it using an algorithm.
As we’re one of the top Cisco Distributors in Kenya, we always update our software and services to ensure that there is no cyber-attack strong enough to penetrate your network’s data and steal information.

Cisco Routers Kenya

Quicker and More Secure Information Transfer with Routing and Switching

We tailor our services to your individual needs and requirements, as we are just as adaptive as our networks themselves. We only use hardware produced by industry leading companies to ensure the highest quality possible at all times. Additionally, we are using Network Switches instead of Network Splitters, as their customizability and security is superior. This way we can add more LAN connection ports to your office and hook up more computers and other devices to grant your employees the full bandwidth and speed that you pay for.
Also, systems that are based on wired connections are more difficult to crack from the outside. Lastly, the file sizes you are able to transport using these technologies will have no limitations, so you can send the original versions of high quality and uncompromised without any issues you would usually come across. But we don’t just offer the wired part of routing, as wireless connections have their own perks.
Those include free movement, more coverage, and its ability to quickly set up and integrate new devices into it. With over 23 years of experience and being one of the best Cisco Partners in Kenya, we guarantee that you will not run into any issues connecting the devices you will use to expand your businesses’ and companies’ arsenal and services to get ahead of your competition.

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Moving your Data from Here to There

Data Transfer can be so much less frustrating if the need for file compression is bypassed by higher quality networking. Our top-notch engineers here at Pechant Telec will help you set that up, to save your time and ensure that your hardware is used to the fullest of its extend. Contact us if you want to know more about the Switch Prices in Kenya

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