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Fiber Optic Installation

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Turnkey fiber optic solutions

Fiber Optic Installation

Through our Engineering Excellence, We are Providing Next Generation Fiber Assembly Solutions with Superior Performance in a Cost Effective Manner.

Fiber optic infrastructure offers excellent bandwidth and scalability to organisations where data transfer speeds are integral . We offer a complete design, installation, testing and maintenance service for horizontal fiber optic networks, fiber optic network backbones and building to building links, offering a complete three tier solution.

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Fiber Optic Installation
We are your fiber optic installation experts
Our range of Fiber Optic solutions Include.

Our fiber optic offerings

Fiber Optic Conduit and Cable Installation

Our engineering team will install the fiber cabling following best practices to ensure optimum cable performance is achieved, whether underground, aerial or direct buried.

Broken fiber optic cable repairs

We guarantee service uptime, repair, maintain and monitor broken or damaged fiber optic cables through our reliable automated fiber network monitoring tools.

Fiber Optic Cable Termination

This can be for the cables we install or installed by others. Usually we will fusion splice but can also direct terminate connectors. The most popular options are LC, ST and SC, but we can terminate with any PC/APC connector.

Fiber Optic Cable Splicing

Utilizing the latest technology in fusion splicing systems we provide field splicing and emergency restoration services on damaged fiber optic cable installations