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IP Telephony

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VoIP Business Phone Systems

Experts in the installation and maintenance of VoIP phone systems, paging systems, and video conferencing solutions.

Effective communication is crucial to the success of every business, and affordable IP telephony solutions in Kenya not only make communication efficient and convenient, but also have the capability to expand as your business does.

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IP Telephony
Effective communication solutions for your business.
Business Phone Systems, Service and Installation

why use VoIP systems in your business

Home | Residential VoIP

Our Residential VoIP offers great features that enable you to not only enjoy the services but also save time and cost. You can manage all call preferences, voice mail, call history all from PC.

Business | Enterprise VoIP system

We help set up your small business VoIP systems, Trunking. We ensure that your business is in a position to all its calls and trunk it with your LAN to make it, even more, easier to manage your communication