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Cabling infrastructure is one of the most vital and critical part in every business! If anything goes wrong with the design, installation, or maintenance, it can have a very negative effect on your company’s day-to-day operations. 85% of the total network faults caused worldwide is due to improper testing and unprofessional installation. To avoid all this, Pechant Telec is here to offer its top-class structured cabling in Kenya.
From colleges to industrial units, our well experienced and licensed experts can install data cabling in all sorts of versatile environments. No matter how hard the situation is, we’re always able to provide satisfactory work quickly and efficiently. We’ll take every necessary step to future-proof your company by keeping up with the growing need for network performance and reliability. To avoid any kind of unnecessary connectivity issues that are causing downtime, we’ll offer the most cost-effective strategy and rework by using high-quality materials combined with professional installation and testing.
So, if you’re searching for the “best structured cabling companies near me” then your quest has come to an end!

From Data to Fiber Optic Cabling, We Got It All!

Structured Cabling in Kenya

Cost-Efficient Design

Every business has different network infrastructure and design requirements this is why we take a site survey and fully understand your requirements to create a well-designed cabling system that allows you embrace technologies as your needs change.

Data Cabling

We know very well that your data network needs flexibility to accommodate the future growth of your business. Being one of the leading computer networking companies in Kenya, we offer cost-effective data cabling solutions and scalable Cat5e, Cat6 or Cat6a installations in all kinds of commercial and industrial buildings that not only maximize your performance but redundancy as well.

Voice & Visual Cabling

You want your communication network to work as smoothly as possible! Any disturbance can cause you and your business partners unbearable loss but with our experience of installation you’ll never face any interruption in your voice and visual communications.

Repairs, Testing & Certifications

Your cabling network needs repairing and maintenance every once in a while to avoid any bigger problem in the future. As the top structured cabling in Kenya, we have all the modern tools and machinery available to fix any inefficient cabling system and provide high level maintenance service to all networking companies in Nairobi.
Our team of experts can fulfill all kinds of company requirements and are easily able to work in tough environments. They’ll monitor your network infrastructure from time to time to avoid any issues so that you don’t have to face any downtime in the future.

Fiber Optic Cabling

Whether you need repairing, installation, testing, and maintenance of your fiber optic cabling system, Pechant Telec is here to offer satisfactory service at an affordable price. With over 18 years of experience, we know every little detail about the process and are able to finish your work quickly and effectively.


Pechant Telec is the answer to your “best structured cabling companies near me” search! We don’t just finish your work and walk away like other companies do, every structured cabling installation in Kenya is completed with full test documentation so your future upgrades can be perfect.

Fully Tested and Guaranteed

Structured Cabling Specialists

We know that it’s hard to find a reliable and trustworthy company that provides structured cabling in Kenya to all kinds of commercial and industrial buildings at a competitive price. With over 23 years of experience and a hardworking team behind us, Pechant Telec is able to provide premium quality design, configuration, testing, installation and maintenance of all current Data and Voice cable topologies, including Fibre Optics, Category 5 enhanced, 6, 6a, 7 Ethernet where appropriate and all types of Voice cable.
A well designed structured cabling system is necessary to any Kenya based business day to day operations as it provides the platform for all networked technologies. We have worked with countless offices, universities, colleges, restaurants, and industrial sites and have never received a single complaint regarding any of our top-class service or technician. We have so much confidence in our employee’s work that we also provide a 10-year application warranty, guaranteeing performance.
So, if you want to book our high-quality cabling services and take your network infrastructure to the next level then feel free to call or send us an email. Our experts will be more than happy to answer all your queries and get you started with one of the top providers of structured cabling in Kenya.

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What Makes Us Different?

• Warranty on all installations
• Site surveys
• Data Cabling (cat 3 – cat 6A)
• Fiber Optic Installations and Testing (Termination & Splicing)
• VoIP infrastructure specialists
• Minimum disruption

• Well experienced and trained engineers
• Fully tested documentation
• High-Quality Repairing & Maintenance Service
• Value for money
• Highest levels of Customer Satisfaction

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