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Pechant Telec is one of the top telecommunication companies in Kenya providing high-quality and secure wireless installation services to all kinds of commercial and industrial buildings for the past 10 years.

Nowadays, stable and high-speed internet wireless connectivity is the most essential part of all IT companies in Kenya and networking companies in Nairobi. But the thing is, we take wireless access for granted! Your staff members, customers, and guests expect quality WiFi to be available wherever they go 24/7.
Poor placement, insufficient capacity, and bad design are a few of the reasons why bad wireless installations fail. Hiring an expert wireless installation company like Pechant Telec who is well experienced and have installed hundreds of business-grade WiFi networks for various offices, schools, restaurants, cafes, and industries can save you from all these bad experiences and prevent the huge loss of profits.
Our experts always design a custom wireless network solution in every organization to provide cost effective, high performance, and low latency Wi-Fi. We don’t just come and start doing work without any strategy! Our team of professionals first do a survey, designs a network that suits best, and then start installing wireless network in your company. We are committed to providing dependable connectivity to make sure that your business grows without facing any issues.

Our Wireless Installation services

Custom Wireless Networking Solutions for Your Business

WiFi Network Survey and Design

Our experts will take a survey of your facility and ensure that you’ve sufficient WiFi coverage and network capacity so that you don’t face any network problem. Before installing a new network, our professionals always review the building materials and construction characteristics to get a better understanding and only apply the most cost-effective strategy that suit both your budget and needs perfectly.

Point To Point Installations

We offer premium quality point to point wireless installation services so you can have an effective line of communication between two buildings or site without any wired connection.

Guest WiFi Solutions

You want your guests to have an internet connection but no access to your network devices, right? We offer Guest WiFi solutions to make your network more secure and efficient. We’ll create a separate WiFi solution for your guests so that no third party can gain access in your company’s private network.

New WiFi Network Deployment

Whether you want wired or wireless installation service, Pechant Telec can do it all! We also provide voice and network security systems for IT companies in Nairobi. If you’re having a hard time choosing the right solution for your company’s WiFi needs then our experts will suggest you some of the best solutions that will not only save a lot of your money but time as well.

Upgrading Existing WiFi Networks

As the business grows, so should your wireless networks! Our networking professionals can upgrade your existing wireless system to increase its reach, security, and make it more robust. We’ll also add more access points in your network so that you can increase your equipment whenever you want.

WiFi Network Troubleshooting & Maintenance

Nowadays, a strong internet connection is the most vital part of any company! You’re already losing so much profit if your WiFi network is either slow or causing issues now and then! This is why we highly recommend choosing the best wireless installation company that not only removes all kinds of issues beforehand but also save a lot of your time by avoiding any downtime.
Experts at Pechant Telec are equipped with all the modern tools and pieces of equipment needed to repair and maintain your hardware. We’ll come up with the most cost-effective solutions and will troubleshoot your hardware quickly and effectively. Hire us and we’ll get your internet up and running in no time.

Quick Diagnosis and Fix by the Experts

High-Quality Wireless Installation Service for Your Business

Your company’s success is our top priority. Our team of well experienced and trained professionals will work with you to understand the needs of your organization and deliver a custom IT solution that suit both your budget and needs perfectly. Being one of the top wireless installation companies in Kenya, we’ve provided our premium quality services to countless businesses, help them grow their network systems, and adapt to the modern environment.
So, if you want to get our top-quality wireless installation services then feel free to call or send us an email, our experts will be more than happy to answer all your queries.

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We use modern wireless technology to provide a wide range and seamless internet experience so you never face any issue and always stay ahead of your competitors.

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